Saturday, 12 May 2012

President for a Week...

Big shout out to the GhanaDecides Team and my fellow Ghana Bloggers.

In the week, Ghana Decides asked us (its followers on facebook) If you were President of Ghana for a week , what would you change?

Lucky for me my response: "I would organise holidays in Ghana for Ghanaians, so people from Northern Region will get to enjoy 3*+ holiday in the Volta region or Eastern region by the Lake and people from Central Region/Greater Accra had great holidays in the Upper West or Brong Ahafo or something. So basically everyone got a week holiday somewhere else in the country = social harmony."

won me some Make Fufu Not War stickers! yayy!

I just wanted to ask you though, If YOU were President of your country/ a country you feel close to, what would you change?

Leave your suggestions as comments below, but please be sure to indicate which country. It can be any country in the world!

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