My Africa

Being a British national with African heritage I often see the juxtaposition of the wealth of both countries. I see the clashes and compliments of two different cultures and set of values. The way we live in Britain need not be at the expense of other countries, and I think it's the duty of Black British Africans to help our heritage countries to eliminate poverty. Everyone is saying how Africa is now where the money is, who should nurture and harvest that wealth? MNCs and TNCs who never cared to begin with? Governments who perpetuated and sponsored corrupt leadership in the continent? Or African expats who have developed the skills and can couple that with experience, understanding and genuine goodwill.

My Africa, as a page on this blog is just me keeping track of African current affairs and commenting on it. We can't wait for hindsight once our opportunity has passed, we must watch now, care now, act now.


  1. Hi Charlene! I'm really interested in the ideas you want to explore. I studied some of these ideas briefly on our course and in slightly more depth with my dissertation, but I'm sure you know as well as I do that our "international relations" course failed to truly be "international". Anyway, I'm really interested in the arguments and ideas you may come up with so I will definitely bookmark your blog.

    1. Hey Mel! you'll have to excuse the occasional post where I'm just ranting, sometimes, I get a bit too close to a story/policy.
      Feel free to comment and tell me I'm wrong.

      btw what was your dissertation topic?
      p.s. the dept will soon be having more "international" in their relations so our complaining got somewhere in the end. :)