Monday, 7 May 2012

Hello MAVIN Records!

It's Don Jazzy Again!

Some of you will recognise that saying from some of the continent's biggest tunes over the past few years. That Don Jazzy is one of the continent's leading producers is undeniable. A while back he and D'banj met Kanye West in Dubai - if rumours serve me right - and it all seemed to be going uphill from there.

I don't know what happened cos I don't majorly follow musicians in the news or by their twitter, but I did find out that IDJA has set up an new record label and there's much talk about healing wounds. I can only assume Kanye has come and messed up things - and just like that perhaps Africa's biggest institution (if I can call MoHits an institution) disappears. I don't know the story, this is all speculation but given that D'banj and his bro K-Switch are both absent, it's the only assumption to be made.

I will support D'banj's official debut single in the UK when it is released simply because the African in me wants to see an African top the UK charts. I would have like to have seen it happen without Kanye, and a bit of me thinks it could have. But shouldda wouldda couldda's are the last words of a fool.

I'm just excited for MAVIN to hit the waves, African music is doing something amazing for our identity. Much love for those keeping it true to their culture, the skin of the talking drum was not created in New York, let's remember that.

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