Thursday, 17 May 2012

Last Exam

Over the last 3 years of uni I have had 10 exams. My final one was today. I know some people will dislike me for that fact, a few of my friends clocked 10 exams in their first year of uni, but of course in my defence we Humanities students have to write essays. I met some Engineering students at the Union today who complained because they had to write an essay based exam. Boo hoo welcome to my world!

Either way, Exam Number 10 marks my last ever exam. It was ok but perhaps not perfect, I didn't feel as inspired as I did at A-levels. My A-levels were a whole other  level of accomplishment. That's what uni feels like though. You've worked your butt off continuously for 3 years, so your last exam feels deserved before you've even sat down like "Give me my certificate already, I worked harder than I ever have or ever intend to in my life, I deserve I 2:1 for that alone!"

I've you're wondering about the topic of the exam, it was Politics of the European Union. Don't ask me about the politics of the European Union, I really couldn't hold a conversation on it. As you may have guessed from my blog my passion doesn't lie with Europe. I'm just so happy it's finished and gone, and I now have 4 days to tackle 12.5% of my degree. Yes, I've calculated it.

I hope you're enjoying reading about the gradual end to my degree. If you're about to embark on university or whatnot, trust me it's not so bad, just work your hardest from Day 1 and Day 976 will sort itself out.


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