Thursday, 25 November 2010

First Step.


I'm Charlene Bello - few call me Charlene many more call me Bello. I'm studying Politics and International Relations at the great University of Manchester. It has taken me forever to write this blog. For the life of me, I don't know why. 

I'm going to Singapore in the New Year for a six month study abroad. It's going to be the most amazing journey of my life, so far, the first time I actually go somewhere without my family or friends (some university mates will be there but that doesn't count). So I started this blog because I want people to share my experiences. There's no point seeing all these extraordinary sights and thinking awe-inspired thoughts if they stay with just me.

I've recently developed a love for proverbs and inspirational quotes. I'm gonna try my best to make sure that each blog is supported by a proverb or quote because that's the most profound, most important speech we can make or hear, words of wisdom left by those who've seen it all and done it all many times before.

First proverb: A wise man who knows proverbs can reconcile difficulties. 

Well that's the intro... finally.