Monday, 9 May 2011

VietnamJUMP 2011 3rd Entry

So as I speak, the team are embarking on a 6 hour journey from Ho Chi Minh City to the highlands of Dak Nong. I was was supposed to be on that coach. I was also supposed to be on the flight that would get them to Vietnam but my indecision messed everything up for me. I didn't want to commit to anything until I knew exactly what my entire holiday was going to look like and in the end I ordered my visa too late that it didnt arrive in time for my flight.

I did call to speed up the process and offered to pay the extra to make the 'normal' service an 'urgent' service, but the lady told me that my letter had already been sent. That wasn't the case and so I guess on both sides there was a bit of failure. The lesson is that I shouldn't have delayed because the only thing I'm in control of is the time I do stuff, and I should have left enough time for miscommunication to take place, or for general failures by the company.

I was told by so many people that it takes a matter of hours, but I shouldn't have risked it. Just so you know. People will tell you that the visa approval letter takes at the very most 2 days, I would say to be certain, the latest you should order is 1 week. No later than that unless you are doing a spontaneous trip. Also, go through the embassy not a company, because then you'll have someone of actual responsibility to be held accountable.

All this being said, everyone I know going to Vietnam this summer has encountered some problems either missing their flight or visa issues or something along those lines. Literally everyone, so maybe it's not our fault, maybe fate doesn't want us to go or something. I don't feel bad cos at least my problem was bureaucratic, some people just woke up late for their flight!

p.s. just realised I don't know exactly where the school is that we're teaching at, I couldn't jump in a taxi or bus and ask to be taken anywhere, cos I don't know a definitive address. So I guess this is the third and final entry for VietnamJUMP 2011, unless I get a miracle phone call from someone. :(

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