Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday 22nd May 2011

so jokes today. So I realised last night that my student visa was to expire today and that I needed to leave the country and come back with a visit stamp.. so then today we went to JB to do just that. I told them I had lost my card so that they wouldn't take it in from me, then they were all like "ok we have to refer you" and then I was like "Oh wow, here it is" and so then they were like "ok stay here whilst we cancel the referal" and then finally they let me go.... yayyy JB! that was easy and fun and a couple hours and we're due to return. So on the return we fill in the white card (as departure lady instructed because our cards were expired) then arrival lady was like "dude, where's your card?" and I was like "here, but I don't need to show you that because I've got this white card" and she said that was exactly the problem - that I had filled in the white card when I departed as a temporary citizen on the student card... and I was like "well then pretend I haven't handed you the white card" and she clearly said  "no." so I said "well all my friends have done the same, so...." so Ede, Edem and I all get taken up to this room with 4 visible cameras and 2 security doors on the 8th floor and they question us.. blah blah blah they eventually let us go, then we went to the biggest Horseracing event in the calendar (even the President was there) but I didn't bet cos I could just hear mum reading me scriptures and praying for my soul, but my friend betted and I was gonna bet on his horse with him and in the end he won $73 so I could've won $73 if it weren't for mum.

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