Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Ok so exams here are no different here than they are back in Manchester expect that the students sitting the exams are probabaly tonnes more prepared. They work like the intersect.. for those who don't understand I will kindly ask you to watch the American TV show Chuck.  It's a good show, part of my regular watching list.

But anyways yes. The Singaporean student has this crazy ability to store more information than a camel holds water. Then they spurt it all out as if it were their own opinion, although if you know better and you read the same stuff as them you'd realise that word for word they're reciting someone else's work. I noticed that long ago.  And yes I am a bit jealous of the skill. But anyways this all means that come exams there's a thundercloud of knowledge waiting to storm down on that page and storm down they do!!! 

You know when you're in an exam room and you're sitting your exam (GCSE, A-level, 1st/2nd/3rd year uni) happily trying to recall what it is you were reading between thrashing your best mate at FIFA 11 or whilst you were on the phone making plans for the long summer ahead, and then someone puts their hand up for a second answer book but you've only reached page 3 of 10? You know the sense of confusion (what could you possibly have written?), envy, (why haven't I written the same amount?) and anger (you do realise you writing that much makes me look even worse for having not written that much? - because when you're in exam mode quantity and not quality always seems to matter) you get? Yeh, take that and imagine that it isn't just the one or two teachers pets that are doing it but everyone. Enough to make it the status quo. Yeh, that's examining in Singapore, meanwhile you just got a little giddy cos you've turned the page to write your conclusion... woooo page 4 of 10 FTW!!! 

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