Monday, 7 February 2011

The Study So Far

I've got my first exam next week in the Singapore's Foreign Policy module. If this was Manchester, the lecture before this exam - even though it's only a midterm (worth the same amount as the final grade) - would be a recap on what we have previously learned, covering a few possible discrepancies. But nope! In Singapore, discrepancies are for you to sort out on your own, through reading and reading some more. Instead, we enter another topic that may show up on the exam. With comparisons to Sesame Street and everything! In fact, this is how the lecturer chose to break down the ASEAN for us: 

Obviously this did not constitute the whole two hours of learning, but considering everyone has been warning me to remain alert as Singapore we'll switch it up a gear, it's nice to see this particular lecturer plans to keep it laid back for as long as possible. 

By the way, Dr. Lee - the film you couldn't remember last week starring Eddie Murphy was Coming to America. I knew it at the time but as the only exchange student surrounded by domestic students in the little computer village at the top of the lecture hall, I decided shouting out would draw too much attention to myself.

This film by the way... Classic!

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