Monday, 14 February 2011

...every where I look around.

Yup, it is official. Love is definitely in the air. 78% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, 1% water vapour, a bit of argon and a dash of carbon. But today, there's a bit less oxygen and a bit more L-O-V-E.

NUS take this novelty occasion quite seriously. By that I mean that they really get stuck in! They make Hallmark look pretty indifferent to the event. In the halls of the Arts and Social Sciences complex were balloons of every colour and matching cut-out paper hearts taped to the ground. Chocolates and cakes and teddy bears of all kinds were on sale and you could barely move for the amount of people. The main corridor is always fairly busy as it serves as the artery to the FASS complex but when you desperately need to get to another lecture to sit an exam those corridors can feel that extra bit more crowded.

pictures (of a poor quality) to follow.

[in case you're wondering the exam went well, i think.... only time will tell]

I ended my Singaporean Valentine's experience with the age-old classic of Titanic being shown on Channel 5 in a TV room in Residence 5. A bunch of exchange girls drooling over Leonardo DiCaprio, as expected.

I wanted to reflect on Valentine's Day as a concept and question this one day of love nonsense, but I'm so tired I think just documenting what I did today is enough, there's many more Valentine's Days to slum about in, in my future. Happy Valentine's Day people, and remember if you can't be with the one you love... OD on something and go and meet your maker. No I joke I joke, y'kno how the quote ends. Love the one your with. =]

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