Monday, 7 February 2011

Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Chinese New Year is actually a 2 day affair with about a month of celebrations in Singapore.

Since it's a family affair (all the Chinese go home with tonnes of fresh money -Ang Pow- new clothes and clean cars) I decided to be Chinese in a sense and spend CNY with my adopted family "the parents" aka Lia and Kully. It was only meant to be CNY eve, and the first day of CNY before I head out to Kuala Lumpur to meet the other exchanges who would've been there since Wednesday morning. 

Sadly, it came to me booking my room in the hostel and the hostel was completely packed, no doubt by the number of exchanges from PGP that were due to be there. I did try, though, to find an alternative. I looked at 3, 4, and 5-star hotels. At the end of the day I'm gonna have to stay somewhere on my own whilst all my mates invade a hostel in some sort of grown-up mega sleepover, then I should be able to do it in luxury. I'm just saying. 

After calculating the prices and skyping my sister I decided against making the lonesome trip. A whole festive season with the parents then! Why not?!  And it was worth it. I saved money, didn't spend a cent for the whole 5 days, managed to go to the Zoo in the day which is much better than the Night Safari for what you can do; went to what I can only describe as Prata Heaven, apparently Singaporeans drive from anywhere in the country for pratas from Casaurina Curry. (Travelling island-wide for specific food is quite acceptable here). The whole mini season, was just being pampered by parents, which considering mine are no longer together was quite nice. And more than anything, whilst most exchanges had avoided a Singaporean CNY by travelling the rest of SouthEast Asia, I really felt like a real Singaporean for 5 days. This is what I expect. Nothing more, nothing less. Perfect.

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