Monday, 14 February 2011

Out-of-sight, still-in-mind.

"Good friends are like stars... you don't always see them, but you know they are always there." - Unknown

This quote could not be more true even if it tried! I have a great friend whom I don't see for three years on end, but every time we see each other it's as if the 7000 miles don't matter. I love the fact that I have friends that I don't have to see on a constant basis in order to remain good friends with them. One of these truly great friends of mine, Asia, happens to live out here in Singapore and she was a major deciding factor, especially when my options came down to Hong Kong or Singapore. That being said, she went and did what only Asia does best and that is not be where she's supposed to when she's supposed to. I'm not sure if that whole sentence made sense, so basically, she went to America on a 3 month trip last November, which carried over to my arrival here.

It's been such an anti-climax for me, with her not being here because, I guess, I expected her to be a major part of all the new experiences. But finally 3 days ago, she arrived! Only to be ill on arrival (her second great skill) ... ah well.

It just makes me think as I hover around the facebook 1000 mark how many of those are 7000 mile friends? How many of yours are 7000 mile friends?

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