Friday, 1 February 2013

The Unappreciated Diaspora

The role of the diaspora in Africa is sparking much debate and giving me a lot of material for my dissertation.

As many people would have seen this week there was an article in the Guardian Africa Network about the African diaspora returning to their home countries expecting and seizing the top of the pile lifestyle. There were a few things I agreed with, I can see the frustration and then their were a few things that upset me. It's very unfair, the way the diaspora communities are being characterised.

After that @EricaSesay wrote this post in response to or inspired by the first. I shared both articles with my sister who stands on the other side from me on this issue. I ranted long into the night and then I let her sleep.

I just want to know your opinion about the diaspora's relationship with the continent. What are your reservations? Are you an African in the diaspora or an African at home? How does that shape your opinion?  RANT AT ME GUYS! Gimme your views, please, people or link me to other posts. I think we really need to talk about all this. And of course your views help my disso - yeh I've got no shame like that!

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