Thursday, 17 January 2013

FROM GHANA WITH LOVE: Cape 3 Points with Adventure Junkies

This is one video on YouTube which really got me excited! I hope the Ministry of Tourism sees this because I think the biggest and most important challenge for the Ministry of Tourism is to make Ghanaians see Ghana. This is a literal and figurative task. Literally, the best thing for Ghana is that Ghanaians discover the amazing world in which they live. They should have fun in the own country, spend money in their own country and make friends from around their own country. But also in the figurative sense, if Ghanaians think of their country as the gem that it is the country would have pride in itself when meeting with the rest of the world in whatever context. Thank you Sharifa Issaka and Dust Magazine and of course Adventure Junkies - more vim to you all.

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