Saturday, 16 February 2013

The future of Osu Castle.

The Presidency recently moved into the new building albeit it 4 years after it was declared ready - that's politics for you. Below is a discussion Joy News had on the matter.

I agree with the Ga Youth that they should be given the opportunity to lead on Osu Castle's reincarnation. We have for so long used institutions and methods that are clearly not working, (I mean have any of you been to the Komfo Anokye museum?!) what harm could there be in trying something new. I reckon the youth in Ghana are more in touch with Ghana's image and brand than the older citizens who are used to an image and don't know how to change that image.

It is important for me though, that the story of Osu is told fairly. That the edifice does not become yet another  slave castle with the narrative that plays out at such venues and that is well catered for in Cape Coast.

Alternatively, forget the history and make Osu Castle a commercially viable entity for reasons other than the past. We know our past and sometimes confuse it as our heritage but what are we creating today to look to the future. Osu could be made into a venue for arts, or entertainment, why must it maintain a political characteristic? These are questions I believe Ghanaian youth are more likely to think about than their preceding generation.

Whatever the plan, I hope to stroll the grounds soon and tell you what it's like. 

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