Saturday, 24 November 2012

Help me choose my dissertation!

Ok guys, I have to do a Master's dissertation. As I'm doing African Politics at SOAS, I can cover West Africa and know that there will be someone who actually knows what I'm talking about, which was not the case in my undergrad.

Trouble is I have to choose a topic. Here are the choices of things I've considered writing about:

1. The West African Brain Gain: Young Africans (by birth, or immediate descent choosing to head back to West  Africa and set up a life there, often choosing to take the corporate route rather than working for an NGO, perhaps because they see the continent differently).

2. J K Siaw (the life, rise and fall of Joshua Kwabena Siaw in relation to the political landscape of Ghana, from pre-independence to the PNDC regime and pushes for democracy).

3. The AFRC regime (the motivations, justifications and actions of the AFRC regime in 1979. How this changed Ghana's course of development and how it still lingers over present-day Ghana, if it does.) (Prehaps a comparison to similar/contemporary regimes in Nigeria)

4. Transition to democracy in Ghana and Nigeria (motivations, consolidation, successes, failures)

This isn't something you can just glance at and pass on by, I would really really appreciate your input on which you would like to read if you had to or which you think is least explored and in need of exploration.


  1. Love the brain gain idea-focus on one country-the one where the numbers are highest.
    Best way to reente is in private sector -doing business immersed in everyday life. NOT in NGO se for-perpetuating the aid model, ie dependency.

  2. What topic did you chose for your dissertation, Bello? Well, if it is me, I would go for the first topic. It sounded like how young Africans are molding their own path and deciding to head back to West Arica for their calling. Anyway, whatever you chose among them, I’m sure you really did a great job on your dissertation paper.

    1. hey Albert in the end I chose the first topic however, it has taken some moulding and is now looking at voting rights for Africans who look back to Africa as a place of interest. I'll keep this blog up to date with my findings and opinions. Thanks for you input and for showing an interest :)