Sunday, 2 December 2012

What do you plan on rejoicing about during this Christmas season?

I'm doing the Christmas Devotional on the YouVersion Bible app.

Day 1 talks about Isaac Watts' Joy to the World and how joy resides with us, through Jesus. It also reminds us that Nehemiah (Nehemiah 8) celebrated after sharing God's word.

Finally, this brief devotional asks the above question and I've come to ask you because Ghana is about to enter it's 6th election of the Fourth Republic, my mother is currently safely on a plane from that country after spending 7 weeks there, a friend of mine went missing briefly and now he is found - in fact that has happened twice in the past 2 months (not the same person though), - I'm undertaking a Masters and rekindling friendships I had previously let die. I would say I've got a lot to be happy about.

Being connected to the NSPCC I know that is not true for so many other people. So I've chosen to appreciate everything I have, especially this season. I can only suggest you do too, trust me.

Ps 23:5

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