Monday, 5 November 2012

Dark Horse: Dr. Abu Sakara

This is an expanded version of Dr. Abu Sakara's views without the unnecessary NDC-NPP war of words which clouded the IEA Debate. Before watching this I knew that Dr. Abu Sakara would be influential in this years elections but I didn't realise that he could really be a contender. If Ghanaians know what's good for the country, the CPP under Dr. Abu Sakara will no longer be the 3rd party in the country, but top 2. He  appears to me to be a visionary.

Before anyone complains about my endorsement of Dr. Abu Sakara, I am still non-partisan, but it is clear who won the IEA debate and that the debate showed the top 2 parties to be broken records. They did not all step up to the mark and that is a shame. The reward goes to he who tries.

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