Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Could the diaspora be Ghana's education answer?

Is it possible to kill to birds with one stone?

Ghana has highlighted a number of problems of within its education sector, including getting teachers. I also notice that there is a desire within Ghanaian diaspora to return to the country. Those who aren't interested in returning full-time do want to go back to help in some way (think about Me Firi Ghana's WAM Campaign) and British and American teenagers are familiar to the culture of going to Africa and Asia to teach. It helps CVs and boost employment chances. They are often faced with huge costs in order to gain such an experience, the majority of which doesn't go to the host families or host schools but stays in the organising company and the country in which the company is headquartered i.e. the UK, and US.

Israel tries to convince its diaspora to visit or relocate to the "homeland" in a number of ways including financing schemes for young returnees. Could Ghana not look at doing something similar? Young people, living out of Ghana, born at least one Ghanaian person could be funded to take part in a scheme, whereby they return to Ghana and volunteer/work to help build Ghana through teaching, or similar work. They are then recognised and endorsed by a leading politician/businessperson/cultural leader and this will boost their employ-ability and encourage a positive relationship with their idea of Ghana. The latter will increase the chances of them returning to Ghana on a more permanent basis, bringing with them their expertise.

I'm sure many Ghanaian parents would jump at the opportunity of sending their child to Ghana at a reduced rate (especially with current flight prices). It solidifies the relationship between the diaspora and the homeland and increases the chances of Ghana benefitting from a brain gain. Ghana should not just sit and hope that people would want to return, they should really make an effort to see it happen.

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