Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Primark shoes are not good in Singapore...

I love living in Singapore. 90% of the time it's sunny with temperature reaching 30degrees if not topping that. But then there's the other 10% of the time when (usually just for an hour a day) it rains.

I grew up in London, so rain doesn't phase me. To be honest I'd happily walk out in some tropical rain, I do it every time I go to Ghana and my Grandmother always seems to question my sanity. There isn't much difference between the rain in London and the rain in Singapore or Ghana - except the natural disposition to dress "appropriately" for the occasion. 

This morning I had to choose between sandals and my Primani shoes. Seeing that it was a bit overcast I opted for the now off-white Primanis, y'kno, just in case of light rain on my 10 min journey to and from the Lecture Theatre. (WELL DONE CHARLENE ;D )

Err, no. As I leave the lecture theatre - and JUST as I leave the lecture theatre - a storm begins. I'm prepared. I have my umbrella, no smelly extensions for me! A few more minutes pass and it seems like the University Internal Shuttle Bus Service takes advice from Mitcham town centre, no buses show up. So much for Singapore always being prompt (this fallacy is gradually becoming exposed the longer I stay here). My feet are getting heavy and clammy and looking down I see my shoes are paddling pools. 

The urgency for me getting back to my room is now quite clear. After jumping on the first  (and wrong) bus to reach the busstop, being embarassed by an oversensitive sensor and an agitated bus driver, staying on the bus to style out my mistake before finally getting the right bus home. I reached my room just as my Primanis had upgraded themselves to swimming pools. Don't I feel stupid, I have the air-con on like a high maintenance diva. 

I don't believe there are any quotes on the inappropriateness of Primarnis in tropical countries so my lesson here can only be: do what I did in Manchester, if it's raining, or about to rain... don't go to lectures. :D

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