Sunday, 2 January 2011


I just need to have a rant here.

I stayed up until 0210 on Sunday 2nd January 2011 for one purpose and one purpose only: to check in online and catch my window seat close to the front of the plane.

BUT... no. My SONY VAIO laptop made that little "low battery" sound and so I ran upstairs yanked the plug from its socket and Usain Bolted back downstairs.. altogether that took a couple minutes - (I did have to stop briefly to explain to my half-asleep sister what the panicked stomping was about). But either way I returned to choose my seat at 0216. 

6 minutes out of a 34-and-a-half-hour time-slot isn't even that long! But by the time I came to choose my seat about half of them were already taken included the first nine rows of window seats on both sides of the plane. 

My heart actually sank because I've got this thing about being at the window seat and watching the ascent and descent of the plane. I've then also got this weird almost fear-like need to be as close to the front as is possible. I don't like waiting for people to get things from the overhead cabins - it always seems like rocket science to them - these things frustrate me. 

But now I'm 10 rows back because I compromised. I've got  my window seat. At least that's something.

Note to self: Always, always have your laptop fully charged. 

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