Saturday, 22 January 2011

Getting the visa card.

Getting my visa card was long!

I met Jiri at the stairs of PGPR at 12.30pm, and arrived at the ICA Building at 1.30pm which is much longer than I was expecting. But all credit to Singapore, the MRT was prompt the only problem was the bus and waiting for it but I guess that's a truth the world over!

Either way I was 15 minutes early for my appointment and I expected to be seen on time. This was not the case. An hour after scheduled I was seen and told to get my student pass 30 after that!

I guess Singapore suffers from being overstated. There's such high expectation - because people are told that that's the norm and we won't be disappointed - that in the end you feel so let down, but waiting that same amount of time in London whilst it would be annoying, it would also be acceptable because we're used to it and London does not profess to be any better than that.

So, I've got it now! :

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