Friday, 24 January 2014

The Green In Ghana

So on my 8th day here in Ghana I wrote this post on my other blog. I had seen Kwame Nkrumah Circle maybe twice before then and every time, it hurt. The beautiful fountain had disappeared. :(

Now, today, day 86, I read in the GSGDA 2010-2013 (a development plan) "To address the challenges posed by the lack of open spaces the following policy objectives will be pursued to: ensure that urban centres incorporate the concept of open spaces and the creation of green belts or green ways within and around urban communities; develop recreational facilities and promote cultural heritage and nature conservation in both urban and rural areas; foster social cohesion; and enhance the participation of people in leisure activities as a way of improving healthy lifestyles."

So to summarise, in their pursuit of more open spaces and recreational facilities, this government demolished the country's most loved fountain and garden. Yeh. That happened.

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