Wednesday, 8 January 2014

KFC needs to hurry up and get to East Legon

In a little revert back to the original travellers vibe of this blog, here's a plea for KFC to do more in Ghana and if the other fastfood chains are reading this, I'll be happy to have you too, especially Subway. I have missed Subway. Being a foreigner without those little creature comforts is difficult. I love Ghana, don't get me wrong,  I even stopped my mum from shipping Heinz Tomato Ketchup because I didn't believe I would need it. I was adamant that I would only eat Ghanaian food. If it couldn't be bought at the local market it wasn't worth eating (with the exception of Cheerios).

So here's me, interning in East Legon, home of the rich and the foreign. There are restaurants around me. There's a Chinese restaurant and a Turkish restaurant, further away there is an Italian and a kinda local dish at foreign prices restaurant. I shan't complain, the choice is clearly there, except they are all restaurants-proper, so you've got to sit and wait for your food to be made after you've waited minutes for a waiter/waitress to acknowledge your existence and take your order. Then on average no meal will cost less than 20 Ghana cedis (we say "Ghana cedis" here like there are any other type of cedis in the world).   I spent 40-something cedis at one restaurant, just because I really had a craving for the food, but still that's just crazy for a lunchtime meal.

I just want Subway here so I know it'll take just a few minutes in and out to get my lunch. The "COMING SOON" KFC sign in Lagos Avenue is taunting me. 

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