Thursday, 26 July 2012

No time for it...

I really don't want to post this before publishing my post on President Mills' death but I'm afraid I must. It will be quick. I promise.

I'm not sure about other Ghanaians but I for one am offended and annoyed by the comments of JJ Rawlings on BBC concerning the health and death of the late President.  It seems that he cannot resist the urge to take every platform available to him, to promote himself as an omni-wise statesman (I use those words with much sarcasm and irony). It's an utter shame that Rawlings could not praise the late President for his conduct as President, he some how made it about himself yet again, by praising Mills' conduct as a Vice to Rawlings and connecting Mills' qualities to why he Rawlings, in his infiinite wisdom, chose Mills as Vice.

In addition, suggesting that Mills made a decision to die earlier and implying that this was irresponsible is frankly extremely distasteful. The man is dead and whether he died this week, or the week after he won elections is neither here nor there, he suffered and he died, he is our President and we must mourn and consider his family who have lost much more than we have.

It seems, Ghana still has one obstacle to overcome. The personality that is JJ Rawlings, in my opinion needs to be pacified. The fact that he could not avoid politicising the death of President Mills until the end of the week of mourning tells me AND SHOULD TELL ALL GHANAIANS that his spirit is not in tune with the vision and ambition of the nation. At least the opposition party suspended campaigns and return to Accra in respect, and I have heard nothing but positive words from them. Rawlings on the other hand seems hellbent on fueling and sowing conspiracies and elevating his image in this time of humility.

May the President's soul rest in peace and may Ghana's future remain peaceful and unified, maybe without the insensitive judgemental voice of JJ Rawlings disrupting it.

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