Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Hello Vancouver!

And we're back to travelling! if only for a little while.

Reason I'm here? I'm attending the Harvard World Model United Nations. I lead a team of 7 - 6 girls, 1 boy - and at writing we've been here for 54 and a half  hours.

The plane ride to Vancouver was ok, I guess but I've flown with better (Qatar Airways applaud yourself). Then we had to register Sunday morning and attend the Opening Ceremony in the evening. I've found that Vancouver is cold. Cold like Manchester but somewhat better than Manchester with its San Francisco type layout. The fact that I've compared it to San Francisco might show that I've watched too many an American film.

One little food suggestion for the foodies out there, Red Robin Restaurant - order the Shrimp and Chips but ask for Boutine instead of Bottomless Steak Chips. Boutine is Chips and Cheese in Gravy. Quite English (minus the cheese) considering it was suggested by our waiter, Reed, who was jibing at me and a mate for basically flying 4725 miles for what is essentially fish and chips.

And another little tip before I leave, don't get ill or injured in Canada. They operate a pay now get treated later system in their hospitals, nothing like our NHS in the UK and not something a British citizen would expect in a Commonwealth country which still has our Queen as Head of State. I half expected a more welcoming system but alas that was not the case, it has me wondering what the Commonwealth is actually there for. And if you're wondering it costs CAD$765 (£510) to be seen in A&E CAD$100-150 (£66 - £100) to see a doctor in a Walk-In Centre, GP type setting. They don't charge the insurance company for you, they expect you to do all the claiming back and I would say it was the first time I had seen Canadians at their least helpful.

Today is Day 2 of Committee Sessions. I only managed to do the first half of Day 1 due to getting a bit ill so now I'm off to read as much as I can on the UN and SVG's stances on Primary Education Development to catch up; maybe something exciting will happen today and I can update it here. I'm due to go to Whistler tonight so we'll see.


  1. Hey I live in Canada welcome to Vancouver. Do you guys have free healthcare in the UK even for visitors, refugees and so forth?
    During Christmas, i took my daughter to visit my dad in another province here. She felt sick and we forgot we did not have our health card with us. We were gonna get charged $350 just to see a doc. I said no thank you because it was not rally an emergency

    1. Hey, thanks for the welcome and everything although I'm now back in the UK. wish I had seen this comment before, to ask your advice on places to go and what not.

      In the UK, you just walk into a hospital and you are helped, no questions asked. Visitors and refugees all get the same treatment, healthcare is completely free. We dont have a health card and we never pay to see a doctor and there are many ways to get free medicine too - like if your are under 18, or a student, or pregnant, or disabled or old or on benefits. It was a shock to me when the lady said that even if I was Canadian without a health card I'd have to pay. That's not cool at all.