Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Starving Hunger

There is a new initiative which is this time not run by Bono or Bob Geldof so I think I can throw my weight behind it more. It is the 1 billion hungry campaign: : 

I'm supporting it because I want us to put an end to hunger (if that doesn't sound too naive), I want us to try to starve hunger, if that makes sense, so that the factors that fuel it - corruption, displacement, poverty and all the rest - are addressed and eradicated.

If you go to the website you will see that they hope to get 1 billion in support of them and are far shy at only 3 million so if all of China could sign up tomorrow that'll be much appreciated, thanks.

I won't push it down anyone's throat because I find that people easily grow from being aware of things to  actually becoming immune to it. If you stumble across something and take your own time to read about it, I find people are much more likely to sympathise.

Join if you can, if you care.

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