Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Know the signs.

I don't know if anyone would appreciate this post since it isn't directly related to study abroad or Singapore. Also if you still have questions feel free to ask, I'm in the process of compiling The Ultimate Helpful Blogpost containing advice not just from me, but also my exchange friends.

Ok so, "know what signs?" I hear you ask. The Adinkra symbols. Adinkra symbols are native to the Akan people in Ghana where my mother is from. The problem is that whilst there are over 60 symbols, people only recognise the one. It's a fairly big one - Gye Nyame - literally translated "take God" it actually means "it takes God/without God". Ghanaians are really religious people hence why this symbol is real important. It's on everything, tattoos, tshirts, mugs, traditional cloth, logos... you name it! One thing it is not on is Kristen Wiig's neck in the movie "Bridesmaids". I would love for someone - connected to the film - to confirm for me my suspicions, but my sister and I think that the necklace around Kristen's neck is an Adinkra, meaning friendship and interdependence. 

It is called Ese Ne Tekrema - literally translated "the teeth and the tongue". Obviously the teeth and tongue cannot perform their functions well without the presence and effectiveness of each other and from that we understand that humans too need each other in order to meet their full potential. In other words "no man is an island". It is not as many have suggested, the Gye Nyame symbol. In fact, the Ese Ne Tekrema is a very fitting symbol for the message conveyed in the movie. The movie talks of the the strength of friendship and the need for the two ladies to remain good friends. Anyone with a good knowledge of the Adinkra culture will be able to identify this. I would love it if people widened their horizons and educated themselves further to give justice to the culture to which they subscribe.

So now you know.

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