Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Having Visitors.

It is not a good idea to have visitors at such crucial time in your academic experience, unless you are on a pass/fail system or just don't care much about your performance...

I had my cousin and her friend come only 2 weeks before my first exam well, not actually first exam, I've had a midterm before this. But this is the first one of the exam season.

Having them over was fun though! I took them to Langkawi. We stayed at Langgura Baron in Pentai Cenang which I recommend since it's the best room I've stayed in in South East Asia, so far. 140MYR a night, isn't too bad when you translate it to pound sterling and that's for 4 people to a room. A really good price.

There was a water festival whilst we were there so we missed out on having the quiet beach we were expecting. (if a quiet beach matters to you then don't go to Langkawi around the 15th/16th April).

Minus the beach we went to the biggest Aquarium in Asia - Underwater World Langkawi. I stress that it's the biggest in Asia, that doesn't mean to say it's a significantly big Aquarium, and to be honest, when you can go snorkelling and be with the fish direct, why see them behind a glass window? I guess that's why I didn't think it was so big because in the end... the ocean is bigger.

Back in Singapore I made them walk from Little India to Arab Street, before the rain cut the touring short (but that didn't stop us... we took advantage of one of Singapore's 270-odd shopping malls). I had them walk  the circumference of Marina Bay before seeing the Merlion up-close and then struggle to get to Chinatown where were managed to have a shopkeeper drop his price for a package for my DSLR from S$164 to S$80 without even offering a counter price. No haggling. Just silence. I wasn't even trying to hustle, I was just contemplating whether I should actually by it then and there or not. Another shopkeeper did the same with a wide angle lens $150 to S$50 and I had spent less than 3 minutes in that shop. I do love Chinatown.. just a tad.

Took them to the Night Safari (missed the end show - boo hoo) and discovered Junction 8 (in Bishan) which has the potential to be my new favourite place. But now the cousins are gone and the essays and revision remain top of my task list....

So I guess what I'm really saying is it is not a good idea to have visitors if you have waited until such a crucial time to have your academic experience.

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