Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Happy Easter.

So the fact that Singapore imports a lot can sometimes be problem. Especially if you're like me and are accustomed to some nice cheap (preferably Cadbury's) chocolate. I've seen prices for an ordinary 50p chocolate hovering around the S$1.95 - S$2.75 (96p- £1.36). Crazy prices which kinda meant I started my Lent here early.

I didn't actually do Lent this year mainly because I hadn't had anything to give up. Chocolate etc was already excluded from my diet. But of course there are some traditions I won't give up. That is... Easter eggs. Well that was until I was told that Egg Easter Eggs here are expensive. That hurt. No Easter Egg for me.

Lesson learned: have your parents send you a package of chocolate and Easter Eggs if it really matters to you. :) they won't mind if they miss you enough.

But of course the point of Easter isn't the chocolate egg but rather the message and event that started it all off. If you are Christian, when you get out here you'll probably want a church to go to. If you're Catholic then there are many churches for you to go to and if your methodist you shouldn't struggle to much to find one. Literally google it and you will find something. If you are none of the above the I would suggest City Harvest Church. If you attend NTU there's one in Jurong West. If you go to NUS or SMU then I would say go to the Suntec City venue. For those who will stay in PGP just catch the bus 10 form behind PGP on Pasir Panjang and it'll take you all the way.

It's a nice church, it's quick so you'll still get tonnes of study time. Many people attend and so you can make church friends. It's non-denominational too.

That's what I did and I ended up having a lovely Easter. I hope all of you enjoyed the cheap chocolate. =] Happy belated Easter.

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