Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Eko oni baje o!

Ahhhhh!! when I saw this video, if I were a more emotional person I may have shed an actual tear of joy! I just came back from Dubai - posts pending don't worry - and I returned to the UK with so many things in my head. What Africa (read Ghana) wasn't doing, what I wanted them to do, what was possible and impossible and of course, because I am Ghanaian to the half degree I even thought of all the excuses they had as to why they weren't like Dubai, namely that it is much each to built on a desert of nothing that a complex rainforest which is what West Africa is.

But I returned to the UK to find this video as I browsed through YouTube for the amazing things my countries (both of them) are doing. Occasionally I find things to rant about, but today "Eko oni baje o!" is my slogan. Without upsetting my Ghanaian family, Lagos is everything I expect from and want for an African city. The city's economy will be bigger than Ghana's when the Nigerian re-basing is complete. That is saying something. There's much more to say for the open representation of culture (you will notice that the banker, governor and few others are wearing traditional attire and looking good in it too!) Dubai is very similar in that respect. I will stop talking, now, I must just say that I'm so excited to be going to West Africa this year, a journey that will for the first time allow me to experience Eko first hand, live and exclusive!

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