Friday, 15 March 2013

My Oga At The Top Mentality - A Plea

"Together; we can practically discourage the“MY OGA AT THE TOP MENTALITY”: approach. Simply by empowering your associates, and or employees to make informed decision in your absentia. You don’t need to live in Lagos full time to understand what the term MY OGA means. Chances are you’ve had an encounter or heard this phrase one way or the other on the streets of Lagos. Phrases like “Let me check with my oga”, “Oga said”, “Oga Talk Sey”. We can’t deny our rich cultural tradition of respect for superiors, or elders, neither can we let this kinds of mindset continue to damp the abilities of folks that need upbeat moral or build interpersonal skill set. The My Oga at the Top Mentality prevented Mr. Obafaiye from making crisp informed decision at a critical time of need.[Read More]

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