Thursday, 13 September 2012

Yoruba or No?: Yes, Yoruba.

You might remember my Yoruba or no? post where I presented to you the dilemma of whether to study Yoruba or not. In the end, SOAS accepted me. So I will be studying Yoruba. As such I will be adding to this blog a documentation of my trials trying to master what my dad has called "the most cultured language in the world".

I reckon to not confuse this particular blog any further than I have already (it started as a travel blog and metamorphasised into a political commentary) I'm gonna start a separate blog - details of which will follow soon.

If you are Ghanaian, please still follow my Yoruba journey because I reckon it's the same thing most African descendant Westerners have to go through - it just might make for an interesting read. ;]

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