Thursday, 9 August 2012

Maliyo Games

In a few years time when I finally start doing with my life what I'm supposed to I'm sure this guy will be happy for me to say he's a mentor of mine. But as it stands, and given that I never seem to heed to the advice he has actually given I will just call him a friend.

I'm very proud of all he's achieved since going MIA early this year (by MIA I mean refocusing his time and location to Nigeria and the Nigerian market).

Hugo has developed a gaming website which can also be played on one's mobile. It focuses on environments and activities that the African user can relate to. This is all I've been searching for within the African Renaissance - Africans not trying to simply replicate the rest of the world, but build a world that is relevant to the local culture and market and that promotes our culture to the rest of the world. Please support it.

Check out his website
Try out the games.
Encourage your kids to try it out as a fun alternative to what we already have.

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