Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Why do ITV4 have Afcon rights?

Someone needs to explain to me why ITV4 and not BBC3 have Afcon rights for UK television. ITV4 runs 24 hours a day, from what I know, as opposed to BBC3 (who had the rights last time) who only run from 7pm - 7am. Ok so that's a point for ITV4, but then you look at the schedule they're giving Afcon and it makes you think? What's the point?

ITV4 are hosting an end of day match highlights programme at 10pm in the evening. Kinda like MOTD but for Afcon. You would think that if I put it like that, it ain't so bad. But it's about knowing your audience. Africans, when watching African football want to watch the actual match and considering that's what BBC provided last time round, I would expect no less than that!

If ITV4 are not committed to that type of service - live matches straight from the continent - then they shouldn't bid for the rights again. Until then guys, if you want to watch the matches live and you aren't lucky enough to be in the continent to watch it on DSTV or something, there are many sites, that show the matches live, streaming Eurosport. Happy AFCON! Come on the Black Stars!

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