Tuesday, 27 December 2011

We need a revival in this city.

This week I passed my first 1000 views mark. It's taken me about a year to get here so I was just going to write a celebratory post to mark this milestone but sadly, I don't think I can because instead I want you to know that we need a revival in this city. This week after the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, London was dealt with a shocking blow.

A young lad named Seydou was stabbed in Oxford Street, Central London, on Boxing Day. He happens to be the brother of my sister's friend. It saddens me tremendously that his family are without a son and brother. We don't think enough about the effect this type of thing has on victims' families. When their child's death is as publicised as much as this one, the media scavenge where they can to get his friends and family to say something on record. It gets disgusting that a family can't mourn in private. What's more when a person is killed, the murderer doesn't take away one life, they take 5,15, 20 lives with them.

I remember getting a phone call that my cousin was in hospital after being shot. The police thought it may have been gang related, they treated it as such. And then they later treated it as wrong place wrong time. When I initially heard, I cried violently for half an hour. This particular cousin is more than a brother, he's like a twin. I cried and then I prayed. I was so hurt by the incident, I felt it was my time to cry out to God, my time to come before the altar on my family's behalf, so I led the prayers in my house and we prayed longer than I think the three of us have ever prayed before. My cousin is fine but had he not been fine, I don't know how I would have coped.

And so I don't know how the Seydou's family is coping right now. They probably aren't. All I know is that in that moment when I heard about my cousin I could find comfort only in God, I could hear only Him and when I prayed a curtain of assurance fell on me, I knew that everything was in His hands. As such I pray for the family of the young man. I pray that God grants them peace, that he comforts them and gives them direction.

Rest in Eternal and Perfect Peace Seydou

London needs to turn to God. Christians and Muslims need to bring God to the streets. There is a video of the aftermath of the Seydou's stabbing. If you listen carefully enough there is a lady praying. We need more of this and not just in times of crisis. We as believers should not wait to be shocked into professing our belief in the Most High. This city is in need of a revival for God and when we make the Most High our most high, when we revere Him more than our politicians and monarch and material goods, we will see a change to our communities.

So if you believe in God, I pray that you consider this city in your prayers, and take pride in your faith - take that leap of faith - and evangelise. Change the lives of our city's youth. This country's future is determined by the spirituality of our capital city and WE NEED A REVIVAL IN THIS CITY.

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