Friday, 2 September 2011

Eeeek! My apologies!

My apologies, this blog has gotten quite dry and whilst I only have 1 follower I can only assume that they followed in order to get information on Singapore. Since I am no longer there and experiencing the wonderful idea that is Study Abroad this blog may have become irrelevant.

I attempted to move it on to a commentary of African cultures and politics but I've not kept up. sorry. I won't outline, so much, how the next few months will play out cos frankly, I don't want to disappoint you. All I can say is against all my better judgement and principles this blog will once again become primarily self-centred. More of How-I-get-through-life blog rather than an instructional You-should-do-this style. You might not notice a difference because at the end of the day they both rely on me experiencing something first and then reeling off the benefits and mistakes to you.. I'm just hoping that if I can make this more of an online journal (though not strictly daily) I might destroy the temptation to join twitter and you never know I might just get this blog a couple more followers. (to my follower - thank you, for sticking through even though I'm not sure if you've forgotten I'm here).

The next post shall be that new chapter - a journey perhaps, of blogging the successful way. ;-)

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