Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ghana vs England

So I knew this day was coming for quite a while now. And I don't mean that philosophically, the date was announced in January so I've had ample time to get prepared. What did I need? face paint, football shirt, friends and a bar.

In the end what did I have? A football shirt and the friends.

So we ended up watching the match off a website using my laptop, which isn't big... something went wrong between the laptop, HDMI cord, and TV which kinda spoiled everything, but ah well, a bunch students huddled 'round a laptop? Pretty standard I would say.

It was great cos we had South Asians present, some Americans, a Kenyan, and Nigerian among us. I won't lie... some negative energy against Ghana was building but it was all just banter! It would've been nice to have seen the match in a bar cos I really love the Singaporean bar atmosphere on match days but no biggie.

In the end, the score was 1-1, my reputation is intact and I got some really nice exchange student bonding at 3am on a Wednesday morning.

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